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Introducing Talaia Platform – A Multi-Tenant Network Visibility Solution for ISPs, MSPs, and Exchange Operators

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 21, 2015 11:00:00 AM / by Josep Sanjuas

We at Talaia have been working on a new product line that we are publicly presenting today in this blog post. This new product line is Talaia Platform. It is geared at Managed Service Providers and Internet Service Providers, as well as transit networks and traffic exchange operators.

We know a tough problem when selling connectivity is how to differentiate from competitors. In a world where bandwidth is getting cheaper and cheaper, with a gravitational pull to $0/Mbps, there are only two ways to stay on business. One is to embrace the race to the bottom and aim to be cheaper than anyone, which can be very tough in a saturated competitive landscape. The more sane strategy is to differentiate your commercial offer from other providers by ofering added value.Network cables

This is the reason why the larger consumer-focused ISPs bundle Internet access together with exclusive (or semi-exclusive) contents. Being able to watch your favourite TV series or sports events from the comfort of your home is a good reason to stay loyal or switch to a new provider. Of course, this strategy works great for a residential ISP, but it is hardly applicable to companies. So, what added value can an ISP provide to their customers?

On a similar note, Managed Service Providers are also struggling to stay afloat in a highly competitive market. They can, again, compete on price, or differentiate themselves by providing added value to their existing customers. This means higher customer retention and thus the ability to charge higher fees.

With this in mind, we have created Talaia Platform. Talaia is our SaaS network visibility platform, which collects (not only) NetFlow statistics of network traffic from our customers, and provides a nifty network dashboard with application detection, attack and anomaly detection, and a bunch of other cutting-edge features, all bundled together with a next-generation web-based front-end that our competitors envy.

Talaia Platform is a multi-tenant version of Talaia that is geared at helping you provide added value to your customers, or even become a new source of revenue for you.

Let’s first explain why offering network visibility is a value-adding proposition. The market for Network Visibility and Monitoring is growing by around 25% annually, and it is expected to grow to $3bn globally by 2018 (and it was already $1bn in 2013). Takeaway message: companies are spending a lot of money in network visibility.

How does Talaia Platform fit in that picture? With Platform, you can send NetFlow/IPFIX/sFlow from the routers you control into a single installation of Talaia. Then, you can define a set of users that are restricted to view only a subset of the traffic. That is, with a single Talaia installation, you can offer network visibility to all your customers, who will be able to see only their traffic.


Talaia Platform is fully managed by us, and runs either in our cloud infrastructure, or on-premises in your own servers—your choice. Unlike the standard edition of Talaia, it can be customized in its feature set, and supports branding.

There are two ways you can integrate Talaia Platform in your commercial offer. One is to offer it fully-featured to your customers as a value-added service. The other model is to offer a basic feature set, and charge to unlock the full feature set, generating a new source of revenue.

We have had Talaia Platform in production in academic ISP CSUC for months now with stellar uptime, so it was now time to announce this new product line publicly.

Check out Talaia Platform in our website.

Written by Josep Sanjuas