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Polygraph is now Talaia

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 9, 2016 11:00:00 AM / by Josep Sanjuas

It's been three years since Talaia Networks was born. During this time, a lot has happened.

Talaia started as a vehicle to commercialize the research of the Broadband Communications research group of UPC-BarcelonaTech. Long story short, our cloud-based NetFlow collector took off as our main product. Fast forward to today: we are now growing quickly with customers all around the world. We believe now is the right time to rethink our brand and prepare it for the future.

Let's rewind back to the time when we were preparing to launch our SaaS network visibility solution. We needed to come up with a catchy name: something that was partly descriptive, and partly fun; a name that could conquer the hearts of network engineers worldwide. We came up with Network Polygraph and hosted it at, duly following startup trends.

Since then, it has grown into a product used and loved by customers worldwide, including some big names in the IT industry. Meanwhile, the company behind it has attracted significant investment, and has been rapidly growing its support, marketing, operations, and development teams. It has been the work of these teams that brings us to where we are today.

Polygraph has brought invaluable insight into what our customers  network engineers in particular expect from a network management solution. As our team kept working hard to extend Polygraph, we realized that, branding wise, our company name Talaia was actually a better fit for our vision.

Therefore, without futher ado, we're officially announcing that Network Polygraph is now called Talaia.

Talaia Watchtower

There's still meaning in the name. Talaia means watchtower in Catalan. (Did we mention we're based in sunny Barcelona?)

Why is Talaia a better fit? Talaia allows us to establish a base brand to build upon. Network visibility is only the start, with many more products to come.

Our experience in the industry, and our roots in R&D, have helped us shape a vision for where we want to go moving forward. We foresee a radically changing network management industry in the near future, where dominant solutions will involve a mix of artificial intelligence, software-defined networks, and big data technologies. We believe a watchtower, Talaia, is a great analogy for what we want our company to become. 

Onto more practical matters. Our current website,, will soon start redirecting to Our customers have already received detailed instructions via email. Basically, you will just continue to login as usual. As the new URLs roll out, you will be redirected to your new URL, and once that happens, we encourage you to update your bookmarks.

The entire rebranding process will roll out in phases, through the end of 2016, yet it’s not only our name and image that we’re updating.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates to our blog. It is a new era for Polygraph Talaia.

Written by Josep Sanjuas