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Understanding Australian Metadata Retention

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 20, 2017 11:52:05 AM / by The Team @Talaia

Australia has passed laws that force Communication Service Providers (including ISPs) to perform metadata collection and retention for use for security purposes by a few government agencies.

Complying with such metadata retention laws is not an easy task from a technical standpoint. We have compiled a whitepaper reviewing the requirements imposed on service providers and how they can comply without too many headaches.

Among the information we've compiled in our Mandatory Metadata Retention in Australia whitepaper are the following:

Why metadata retention is important. We discuss the reasons why metadata retention has become an increasingly important topic, not only for the Australian government but for an ever-growing list of countries worried about national security.

What metadata to collect. The new metadata retention law specifies that all the data relevant to the communication must be retained. In the whitepaper we explain the needed metadata, their specific form, and the way it must be retained.

Difficulties to solve. Retaining metadata forthousands or even millions of customers is not an easy task, even for the larger ISPs. We cover the difficulties inherent in building the infrastructure to do it.

Solutions. There are different approaches to complying with metadata retention requirements. We explain the differences between them, and which ones are better suited for the job.

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Written by The Team @Talaia